Always Look on the Bright Side

The pandemic has affected everyone all over the world in some way.

For me, I came to Australia from my beloved China for one month's holiday and find myself still here 8 months later.

From living in the heart of bustling Beijing with a population of 20 463 000 people to living in my laid back home town of Dalby with a population of 12,719 people. Even though I am missing that crazy expat lifestyle the bright side of this is I am close to my family.

I'm still finding myself everyday searching for the bright side of things to get me through as I am totally fretting for all my friends that I left behind in Beijing. Not getting the chance to say goodbye to these friends that became way more than friends makes it difficult. The bright side is we still get to drink wine via WeChat frequently. Thank God for technology!

The other bright side to all this is that life in China made me appreciate Australia more.

From now on instead of writing my blogs from China for my family and friends I left behind in Australia I will be writing from Australia for my friends (who are now like family to me) back in China and scattered across the globe due to the pandemic.

I will be looking at Australia with new eyes and maybe a little like a tourist hoping I get to see some of those I left behind visit our Lucky Country when possible.

Stay tuned......

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