Noodle Cooking Class

They say all good things must come to an end and today was the day for that.

After having Eloise with us for two weeks enjoying our Beijing lifestyle it was time for her to fly back to Australia. I woke in the morning with that horrible feeling I used to wake with when the kids had to go back to boarding school.

Luckily we had a cooking class booked so that got me moving.

Also, lucky I had Eloise with me or I would still be wandering around the hutongs trying to find where the class was. Turns out she is a lot better at reading maps than me.

Once we found the right hutong and everyone was settled we had to go around the class, introduce ourselves, say where we were from and what our favourite type of noodle was. I lent over to El and said, "I doubt we can say our favourite is 2 minute noodles". As each lady took their turn they seemed to know the names of noodles I had never heard of. I truly thought a noodle was a noodle but I was quickly learning otherwise but not quick enough. I ended up saying, "my favourite noodles were ones someone else cooked for me", which for some reason seemed to amuse everyone.

There were 4 French ladies, 1 lady from Belgium, 2 from America and El and I.

After learning about the different types of noodles, we then learnt about the different types of soy sauces and all about all the ingredients we were about to use.

We had a lesson in how to use a cleaver which is a skill in itself then set to work making 3 different noodle dishes.

We secretly thought we might like one out of the three dishes that we cooked but were shocked to find that we thought the whole three were delicious.

Here's the proof of our cooking and these are not ones that were prepared earlier.

We rolled on home both keen to have a go at cooking these dishes again.

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