Sexy Seafood Cook-off

It is that time of year again that we participate in a cook-off with our friends.

What you have to do is cook finger food with a matching drink to the selected theme. This time the theme was "Sexy Seafood". Not the easiest theme and it had me thinking for weeks about what I could cook.

I ended up making lemon pepper bread crumbed oysters topped with caviar and teamed with a shot of vodka from the freezer. Just a recipe I made up after going to a restaurant in Yeppoon years ago. I bought the oysters online and the little Chinaman delivered them on his scooter. I nearly had a panic attack when I opened the box. The oysters had travelled all the way from New Zealand and they weren't shucked!

It was then a case of Youtube and Leo to the rescue.

Each team is given a score sheet and you judge on taste, creativity and presentation.

As usual I was totally blown away with the amazing creations everyone turned up with.

And the winners were.......

Paul and Flora with their delicious fish cakes. You really can't go past a good ol' fish cake, can you?

As you can imagine when you just HAVE TO try all these shots the party becomes a lot of fun and like any good party we all ended up in the kitchen dancing the night away.

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