Melbourne Cup Prep

One of the first things you think of when the Melbourne Cup is mentioned is fascinators and hats, right?

So with the Cup fast approaching I went along to a Hat Making Workshop today with the talented Elisabeth Koch who was born to Dutch/Welsh parents and whose designs have been worn world wide and graced the covers of fashion magazines and runways all over.

After getting lost in various laneways for quite some time, getting directions from random Chinamen who seemed to be sending me in the completely wrong direction I did find my way. Luckily I had allowed for "getting lost time" and in the end I did have to get Elisabeth to send me her live location but I made it.

As soon as I entered the studio Elisabeth greeted me by putting a fancy fascinator on me which broke the ice and pouring me the most delicious cup of tea I have had in a long time.

One of the things I love about this expat life is meeting people from all over the world and today was no exception.

I had invited Amanda from the USA to come along as she is new in town. There was a lovely German lady and her mum who was visiting and a wonderful lady from the Congo. We set to work on our creations and chatted away.

I surprised myself in that I loved getting my creative juices flowing again and found myself reminiscing on my "Pinkelmory Patches" days where I used to craft and chat with my two dear friends for hours on end each week.

Aloma gave me a little sneak peak in to her life growing up in the Congo as one of ten children. I was so happy to hear that she has started writing a book as I am sure from what she told me it would make not only a great read but a blockbuster movie. In the short time I had with Aloma she taught me so much about so many things.

It was such an enjoyable morning and I just couldn't believe that everyone put so much of their personality in to their fascinators.

So with the fascinators made we are all set and it won't be long and we will be off and racing.

Stay tuned!

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