Hutong Walk

It's been a little while since Leo and I were tourists in Beijing, we just seem to be in the swing of city life. I thought it was about time we went out exploring again so we signed up for a Hutong Walk.

We met up with Cesar, our Spanish guide and the rest of the gang at the subway and set off on foot.

There were 3 Chinese, 1 German, 1 French, 1 Indian, 3 Spanish and us 2 aussies. An interesting mix of people.

It is so interesting walking around in the hutongs, you can get lost in there for hours. Luckily Cesar knew where he was going.

As you wander around you get a little peek in to the lives of the people that live there.

Every now and again we would stop and Cesar would tell us a little information. It was a bit hard to hear him at times over Leo talking though, he was either making friends or sharing what information he knew. At one stage I had to whisper to him, "Sshh, you aren't the tour guide today," as we were starting to get looks from the others.

With the temperature in the mid 30's it was hot going at times but we pulled up for a little while in the cool on the Grand Canal. Here I learnt that the Grand Canal is the oldest canal in the world and is 1776kms long. Now there is a bit of trivia for you.

We then ventured on to discover a unique little coffee shop with a roof top where we sat for a while and enjoyed the view.

That was the end of the tour but Cesar said he was going for lunch at a Japanese restaurant close by if anyone wanted to join him. Ten of us ended up going. The conversation was interesting , the food was good and it was wonderful to sit in the air conditioning for a while. Leo and I then walked home passing by people having their afternoon cat nap.

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