Rugby Breakup

Leo has been coaching the Aardvarks Rugby team this past season.

They are one of the six Beijing rugby teams in the competition and consist of men in their 20's from all around the world. There is only one Australian along with guys from Ireland, France, South Africa, China, Samoa, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Spain and Venezuela. Hopefully I haven't forgotten anyone.

A lot of them are teachers, a few are students and some have jobs in finance etc.

The Australian turned up to training wearing a St. Brendan's jersey from Yeppoon and then Leo finds out he used to play for the Clermont Bush Pigs and was coached by his mate, Johnny Lund. Such a small world we live in. Who would have thought a Bush Pig would end up playing rugby in Beijing.

These men all worship Leo and seem to love having him yell at them.

At the end of the season there was great cause to celebrate as they got in to the Grand Final after 10 years. They didn't win but after a 10 year drought it looks like they are heading in the right direction.

The Awards Diinner was held at a Russian Restaurant. I think of Russian food as chicken kiev and the best mashed potato I have ever eaten washed down with bucket loads of vodka.

Vodka scares me though so I stuck to wine and sat back and watched the vodka do it's job on everyone else.

The theme for the night was Pirates.

I'm not that much of a fan of dressing up, I always kind of think I like to go places as myself if I am going to go but also thought if we don't go all out we will look stupid so got my costume organized.

For two weeks Leo complained to me he wasn't dressing up so I didn't worry about a costume for him only to have him ask me a few days before what costume he was wearing. Thank goodness online shopping here in Beijing is amazing and your parcels nearly turn up at your door before you have hit the send button on the computer.

We were told we were the best dressed couple but I really think some of the other nationalities were born to be pirates.

It was a fun night but of course what happens at a pirate night stays at the pirate night so I won't elaborate.

The next rugby season starts in September so stay tuned on how the Aardvarks go next time.

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