Wine Appreciation

Since moving to Beijing Leo has been hinting to me that I need to get myself involved in a club of some sort.

I went along to a few International Newcomer's coffee mornings where I struggled to keep awake and quietly panicked to myself that I would never find my tribe.

After 18 months in the Jing the opportunity arose for me to help my dear friend out as joint consul of the Beijing Internations Wine Appreciation Group. This year we have organized a relaxed wine tasting, a food and wine pairing dinner in a top class restaurant and a wine discovery walk.

All events have been a tonne of fun with our Wine Discovery Walk being the most popular event so far with 70 people from 19 different countries attending. We visited 3 bars in the course of the evening. Secretly it was actually a pub crawl but Françoise and I like to keep things a little classy hence the name Wine Discover Walk, not Pub Crawl.

Last Friday night 30 of us ventured to The Peninsula Hotel.

Here we enjoyed the choice of 50 different free flow wines for 4 hours from all over the world accompanied with a fine selection of meats and cheeses.

What fun it is putting my exploring skills to the test as Françoise and I search for cool bars and restaurants to hold our monthly events at and how I love playing hostess to people from all over the world.

The Beijing Internations Wine Appreciation Group is not the sewing group or charity work Leo had in mind for me when he hinted I needed to get involved in a group but it is a hell of a lot of fun.

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