Easter in the Jing

We really had to remind ourselves that it was Easter as there wasn't a sign of it anywhere. Not an Easter egg in sight in the shops, no holiday on Good Friday or Easter Monday, nothing!

You can't celebrate Easter without Easter eggs though, right? So I planned ahead, bought some Easter egg moulds when I was last in Australia and taught my dear little friends how to make Easter eggs. We had a whale of a time making the eggs. They weren't the most perfect eggs you will ever see but they were still delicious. One little one thought they were so beautiful she said she would never eat them, just look at them because they are too beautiful.

On Easter Sunday we had the choice to go to Church which was all said in Chinese or go to the Canadian Embassy for the english version so we decided to go to the Canadian Embassy. We were able to walk there which was nice and handy. Of course going in to an embassy the security is high and you have to go through the x-ray machine but it is all worth it as you get to wear a lanyard (always wanted to get to wear one of those) while you are inside the Embassy.

It was a packed house, mass began and I'm thinking I can't understand a word that is being said. It was all said in English and French. I couldn't understand the priest speaking english and I had no hope of understanding the French. (I knew I should have listened more in High School) As it turns out I would have been just as well to go to the Chinese version.

It was then off to the Nuo Hotel for a buffet lunch. The food was delicious and the champagne flowed freely.

Those of you that know me well know that when I am away from my family I can easily become an emotional wreck on days with names like Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day, birthdays etc.

It is wonderful friends like this lot that help to get me through though and of course chocolate and champagne also help immensely.

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