Sip and Dip

When I was invited to a Sip and Dip class I jumped at the opportunity.

What fun, sipping on champagne while painting!

So the day came and we set off. We started with a lovely lunch at the local Chinese then off we went in a didi which is like an uber in Australia to Shunyi where the class was being held. Well, I had heard of this place called Shunyi and I have met a few people that live there but I hadn't ventured out there. You see, Shunyi is out near the airport and the people live in REAL houses. Driving in to the estate was kind of eerie, it was very quiet and all the houses were more or less identical. It made me think of that movie, "Pleasantville".

Walking in to the house we were greeted by the lovely lady who had organised the class for us and the champagne was running freely. We had all been wondering what we were going to paint and Leo had offered to model for us but we turned his offer down and were told we were all painting a hutong.

The teacher was very patient with us and I am not sure whether our painting skills got better or worse with the more champagne that we drank but we were happy.

It was a fun afternoon, I enjoyed drinking champagne with my beautiful friends but I don't think I will be taking up painting again, unless of course there is champagne involved.

It was interesting to see how the other people live, let's just hope the "Shunyis" don't realise that we have way more fun in our little apartments surrounded by endless bars and restaurants.

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