Beautiful Sri Lanka - Part 4 of 4


Back to my favourite routine today, bobbing around in the ocean, swimming up to the bar, eating panko prawns by the pool for lunch and today there was also a barbie so we had to try a bit of fish on the barbie - delicious!

In the afternoon there were more jewelry shops to explore and then out for dinner at Happy Fish by the river.


Here we go again, bobbing around in the ocean, swimming up to the bar, eating panko prawns by the pool for lunch then it was off to explore the shops again. This time Thissa took us to a wonderful leather shop. We bought some beautiful handmade leather goods and it was an extra bonus to meet the owner of the shop and the man who makes the shoes.

It was our last night in beautiful Sri Lanka so we had to watch the sun set over the water one last time.

Then it was off to dinner at Pier 88 for some more fresh seafood.


Our last day in paradise but we were going to stretch it out as long as we could. We got a late check out so that we could bob around in the ocean, swim up to the bar and eat panko prawns one last time. Oh how we were going to miss that swim up bar with Poppa.

Thissa had organized a van and driver to take us to Colombo to catch our plane but seeing we weren't flying until 11pm we stopped in Colombo at the Galle Face Hotel and oh am I glad we did.

On arrival we were given a tour of the Hotel which was founded in 1864 and it was easy to see why it is listed as one of the 1000 places to see before you die. The list of celebrity guests that have stayed there is extensive. It was just beautiful.

So what do you do when you are in a flash hotel like this? If it was night time we would have had to drink port and smoke cigars but it was only afternoon so we had to settle for having High Tea.

It started to rain on the way to the airport so that made it a little easier to leave this island paradise but still none of us wanted to go.

We chatted about what the highlight was for everyone on the holiday. Bobbing around in the ocean, the swim up bar, the fresh seafood, the beautiful Sri Lankan people, the elephants, our crazy tuk tuk drivers, the High Tea were among some of the things mentioned. Françoise then said she loved having someone to have dinner with each night. We then realized that we all eat dinner alone most nights of the week and how lovely it was to share dinner with each other. So when you think about things, it's the little things that count, isn't it? How lucky are we to have such wonderful friends to make these memories with.

I hope you have all enjoyed coming along for the ride. x

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