Beibei Visits Beijing

Leo sacked a few drivers before he found one he was happy with but he now has Beibei who has been his driver for over 12 months and they make a great team.

Beibei is married with a 3 year old daughter and was a hair dresser before becoming Leo's driver.

When he first started work he couldn't speak any English but spending each day with Leo his english has improved out of sight. (We wish our Chinese would improve as quickly) There is one problem though, if you close your eyes and Beibei and Leo both talk you can't tell them apart, Beibei sounds just like Leo and of course he knows all the swear words.

Like a lot of Chinese people that live in the country it is their dream to visit Beijing so Leo brought Beibei home for the weekend for his first ever visit to Beijing. It was actually a weekend of firsts for Beibei.

First up was his first ride in a bullet train, he couldn't believe how fast it went and the distance that Leo has to travel each weekend to go home.

On Friday night we took him to our favourite Italian Restaurant so he could enjoy his first ever Italian meal

Saturday morning we woke to a lovely clear day and set off to Tiananamen Square which was on the top of Beibei's list of places to see.

Then it was over to the Forbidden City to explore a little more. I think it is the perfect time of the year to visit Beijing as it is quite cool and crisp and the leaves have all turned golden which makes it very pretty.

We then went for a wander through Beihai Park which is one of the oldest, largest and best-preserved ancient imperial gardens in China. It has over 1000 years of history and there is so much to see, it was just beautiful. Unfortunately the boats weren't going but they were pretty cute as they were made to look like lotus flowers.

Then it was out for lunch for Chinese and off to the Hongqiao Market (Pearl Market) so Beibei could get a lesson or two from Leo on how to bargain hard.

A quick rest and freshen up then out for dinner with our wonderful expat friends. Beibei got to try the famous Beijing Duck for the first time and our friends got to use their incredible Chinese speaking skills. As usual with this lot, it was a very fun night.

The night didn't end there though as no trip to Beijing is complete without a visit to the famous Bar Street.

Sunday morning came a little too quickly, Larry picked us up and we were off to Mutianyu Great Wall. The sky was so blue and the look on Beibei's face when he got to the top of the Wall was just so wonderful to see. It was a great feeling to help someone's dreams come true.

Chinese for lunch on our way home and then it was time for the boys to head back to the farm.

I asked Beibei what he thought of Beijing and he said, "Oh so big and too many people!"

Leo said it was like taking a kid from Cunnamulla to the big smoke for the first time.

It seems so funny that we are now showing Chinese people around this amazing country and who would have ever thought I would say I am absolutely loving it.

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