Corn Harvest - The Chinese Way

I have been known to say, "I would rather poke myself in the eye with a forky stick than talk farming". Believe me I have listened to enough farm talk and helped out enough over the years to be able to talk farming but it just doesn't excite me like some people I know.

It therefore surprises me that I am writing this farming blog today.

Leo is busy with corn harvest at the moment which is done the modern way. The surrounding villagers aren't so modern in their ways though which I find interesting to watch.

Firstly the little header comes in to harvest their corn.

Then the cobs are unloaded into the little trailer.

The corn is then placed on the road to dry. It is a sight to see, no matter where you drive there is corn all over the roads and no one seems to mind, you just drive around it.

Someone then gets the job of pulling all the husks off the cobs and bagging the husks. It is then stored in mesh baskets which are their silos.

Some villagers use a machine like this which takes the corn off the cob.

As you can see, everyone chips in to help.

This woman is cleaning her corn. She does this by scooping it up and letting the wind blow the rubbish away just leaving clean corn.

They will leave the corn out on the road for a couple of weeks to dry. Some people turning by hand using a shovel and some dragging this little contraption behind their tuktuk.

So there you have it, corn harvest Chinese style. I hope you found it interesting and aren't thinking you would have rathered poke yourself in the eye with a forky stick than read this farm blog.

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