The Things You Miss

Since living overseas I have found there are a lot of things that I have taken for granted all my life and now I miss them. I think it is really good for me though as I have learnt to appreciate things more.

I could write a big list of things I miss but today I'm just going to tell you about how I miss BBQ's and sunsets. We all know everything tastes better on a BBQ right and you just can't beat an Australian sunset. So when our Aussie friend asked us to his neighbour's rooftop BBQ we jumped at the opportunity.

Autumn is here and you can feel the change in the air, so everyone makes the most of this short season while it lasts. We have also been experiencing lovely clear blue skies so you couldn't get a more perfect night for a BBQ. We found we weren't the only ones that appreciate seeing a sunset. There were people at the BBQ from Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Germany, China, Ireland, America and Japan and we were all going crazy over the sky. I didn't like to say I had seen way better sunsets in Australia but hey beggars can't be choosers, it was an awesome sight.

It was great to meet some new people from all walks of life, there were school teachers, a Doctor, a Physio, a Financial Advisor, a Pilates instructor and people that worked for their Embassy. I must say though that Leo's profession of being a farmer still seems to attract the most attention.

Last year when Leo nearly died of food poisoning he was treated by a very caring Japanese Doctor and she was at the BBQ so it was great to get to see her again and get to know her a little better.

With such a range of people you never know what you are going to end up talking about which makes things interesting. Politics and how much rain they have had is usually never mentioned so it makes for a fun night.

As usual the food tasted amazing on the BBQ and we also had trifle which was a real treat.

Leo has a saying that nothing good happens after midnight and I would hate to turn in to a pumpkin so we left the party so we could get home before midnight. As we were entering the lift three very serious looking Policemen and a woman in her pajamas were coming out. Let's just say we couldn't hit that down button quick enough and we hightailed it up the street.

Once around the corner we tried to get a Didi which is like an Uber in Australia only to find they weren't working after 11pm this week. So off we set on foot. The walk home was far from romantic and I was pretty sure we were heading in the wrong direction but I was only reading the street signs not following a map on my phone so what would I know.

After about an hour of walking I plucked up the courage to say, "Didn't you say we lived west of where the party was?"

"Yes", says Leo.

"Well we have been walking south the whole time", I say.

Suddenly the air turns blue!!!

To cut a long story short, a taxi eventually pulled up for us and we managed to arrive home before the sun rose.

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