While the Cat's Away....

Last weekend there was hay to be baled so Leo stayed at the farm to work.

It is sweltering hot here at the moment with temperatures in the high 30's most days and it is also wet season so like they say the hay has to be made while the sun shines.

When Leo said he wasn't coming home for the weekend I did worry for a second that the weekend would drag on forever without him so I met up with my friend, Kellie on the Saturday and we hung out at her apartment.

Kellie taught me how to do online shopping here and we had a bit of a practice to make sure I had the hang of it. What fun!

So many things are blocked here in China. Facebook, Google, Messenger, Instagram to name a few so I didn't think I would be able to watch TV from Australia but good ol' Kel taught me the tricks to that as well. Sitting there sharing a cheese platter, a crisp Australian Sav Blanc, wonderful friendship and watching "The Voice" I did wonder if life could get much better.

In the last few months we have decided to try out as many different restaurants as we can as we seemed to be just going to our favourites all the time. There are so many good restaurants here in Beijing it is a real foodie's paradise so for dinner we went to a Chinese Restaurant specializing in Nanjing Style Food.

The atmosphere in the Restaurant was lovely and we had front row seats to the live entertainment.

We ordered duck dumplings, a beef and noodle dish and white bait. I usually wouldn't order fish in China and I so badly miss the fresh fish I used to live on at Yeppoon and I was feeling game so we decided to give it a go and were not in the least bit disappointed. The white bait was delicious, actually all the dishes we ordered were delicious and it was as cheap as chips so it looks like we may have found ourselves another favourite restaurant to add to the list.

After dinner we walked back through the restaurant and noticed you could watch the happy chefs cooking up a storm which was interesting.

I loved the decor of this Restaurant with all the beautiful lanterns and umbrellas hanging from the ceiling but I wasn't too sure about these decorations or at least I hope they are just for decoration.

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