A Sunday Outing

I am so amazed with the change in Beijing in a short two weeks. Even though it snowed in Beijing while we were away in Australia we returned to much warmer weather. All the trees have grown new leaves and there are flowers everywhere. Spring has truly sprung in Beijing.

Leo has been wanting to go to The Blue Note Jazz Club for quite some time now and after one failed attempt of going and not being able to find it (yes you can imagine the swearing that day) we got some better directions off friends and went on Sunday. It was a perfect day so we set off on foot taking in the sights along the way.

One of the things I love most about living in Beijing is not having to worry about driving. I usually walk, cycle, get the subway, tuk tuk or driver. I joked to the family that I was going to let my driver's license lapse but Clancy suggested I better not do that. For some reason he thought that if I ever had to sit the practical test again I may have trouble passing. Seeing I haven't done a reverse parallel park since my test all those years ago and how I just close my eyes and go, "eek, eek, eek" when driving through two lane roundabouts maybe it would be a problem.

We came across a lovely young couple reading a map and looking lost so Leo pulled up and asked them if he could help. They were very pleased to see us as they couldn't find their way back to their Hotel. We walked along with them to show them the way and found out they were from Scotland so of course Leo had plenty to chat to them about.

After walking for an hour we then got a DiDi which is like an uber in Australia to the Jazz Club.

Apparently there is a Blue Note Jazz Club in New York so this one is modeled on it.

A lovely three course meal came with the tickets to the show. I can hear you saying, "What is that green stuff", it was a dip that Leo ordered and tasted like pea and ham soup. I had pork and Leo had seafood risotto which I didn't take a picture of but Leo said it was delicious. He is a bit more adventurous in ordering seafood, I'm still pretty apprehensive.

I have found I appreciate things a lot more after living in China than I used to and was over the moon with excitement when there was pavlova on the menu.

It was a great day out but we didn't actually listen to the music for that long. It was one of those bands where they are all having a great time on stage but us as the audience were struggling to stay awake.

I guess the pav was hands down the winner on the day.

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