It's Back to School for Me

I thought it was about time I stopped swanning around this interesting city and got a bit serious.

Today I took myself off to my first official Mandarin class to a school which is just across the street from where I live.

The first thing the teacher said to me was, "Do you like singing?"

As you probably all know I cannot sing to save myself so it was a "Oh, no, I can't sing" from me.

The door was shut so it was too late for me to make an escape.

The teacher then said we were going to learn about the five different tones in the Chinese language. Half way through the class I said, "Oh my this truly is like a singing lesson." and I was thinking thank goodness I am the only one in the class. I needed all the help I could get. She laughed and said I was doing very well.

When the teacher mentioned singing I had flashbacks to my childhood piano lessons where I would get in to dreadful trouble for not being able to sing the note and end up in tears. This lesson was wonderful and I came out of there on a high, busting to do my homework and return for my next lesson.

I am attaching a photo of my lovely teacher and myself after class. Don't ask me what her name is as I will need a few more lessons yet to be able to remember how to pronounce it. I think I look tired, all that trying to get the right tone took it out of me,

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