You've Got Mail

Have you ever bought anything from China and wondered if you would ever receive it?

When I was living in Australia I did a couple of times and the parcel would just miraculously appear within a week or two. Now, coming the other way, Australia to China I think the mail system is a little different.

Online shopping is huge over here and on most street corners you will see parcels strewn across the pavement. The little couriers come along and sort through them and off they go delivering in the neighbourhood. It's a system that seems to work for them but I am not so sure it is working for me. The Graziher Magazine I ordered from Australia months and months ago has never been sighted and my dear little letter box that I used to check religiously each week is always empty.

I figure the upside to my letter box being constantly empty is that I am not receiving any bills which makes me think of the story of my son, Clancy when he was three years old.

We went to the Post Office in Cecil Plains to get the mail and I said to Clancy, "Oh look Clancy, you have a letter" and he said, "Is it a bill?"

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