Hou Hai Lake

The thing I love most about living in China is that we are forever discovering interesting people and places.

Leo, Clancy and I went out exploring today and came across a wonderful Hutong shopping area. Shopping with boys is always just a very quick version so I will have to go back by myself now I know where it is but I came across some real treasures. There were traditional Chinese Umbrellas made from wax paper and hand painted, they were so beautiful, handmade Chinese stationary, people making pottery, jewellery made from old porcelain chips and a man whittling toys on the footpath just to name a few.

We stopped for Chinese for lunch and then went on to Hou Hai Lake as we had heard that it was frozen. My first steps on to the frozen lake were very tentative but I could see there was fun to be had so I kept going.

There was a roped off area where people were ice skating and then another big area where you could ride on bicycles or these funny old chairs. The bicycles were all gone so we had to settle for the chairs.

My fear of falling through the ice was quickly forgotten once I got on the old chair. You wouldn't believe how much fun it was. The steering wheels were just for decoration and you used the ski bows to steer. We had so many crashes, it was so slippery and there was not one person on the lake that didn't have a big smile on their face or were laughing hysterically. Chinese people sure know how to have simple, crazy fun.

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