Nanshan Ski Village

We are lucky enough to have Clancy visiting us for a couple of weeks and he was keen to do some skiing while he was here. Five years ago he came with his mates Ed and James and they skied at Nanshan so we thought we would go there.

Nanshan Ski Village is just an hour's drive out of Beijing so Larry, our driver picked us up at 8.30am and off we went. Neither Leo or I have ever skied before and Leo was keen to give it a go. He struggled getting the ski boots on and was huffing, puffing and swearing away until he announced we would have to go home because he couldn't get the boots on. Clancy came to the rescue suggesting he try the next size up. That worked a treat and the boys set off for the slopes.

I headed off to the cafe with Audrey for a hot chocolate. My dear friend gave me Audrey for Christmas so I will never be lonely again. If you haven't met her yet I suggest you do, she is just beautiful and a little challenging to keep your mind ticking over.


"Why weren't you skiing?", I can hear you all saying.

Well, it has never been on my bucket list and I really do NOT want to go to hospital in China so I thought it safest that I watch from the cafe.

Clancy loved being back on the slopes and Leo mastered the skiing but maybe not the stopping!

Leo & Clancy ready to hit the slopes

Leo had to go back to work for the week but he was hooked and keen to give it a go next weekend.


So I sat back and listened and listened to how much of a buzz skiing was and what a wonderful time they had and how we were off skiing again next weekend.

Something inside me clicked and Clancy said, "Mum, I reckon you would be able to do it, I will take you while Dad is at work".

So we snuck off to the ski fields and hired the lovely bright clothes so we could find each other easily. I was exhausted just getting the ski boots on and understood what Leo went through but I was determined to give it a go.

Walking out to the slopes I felt like Forrest Gump in the boots. "You are going to have to try and walk a bit faster Mum", Clancy said. What am I thinking doing this I was wondering to myself.

Clancy & I hit the slopes

Clancy started giving me a few tips, he really had his work cut out but said, "At least you look good Mum."

I can't have looked too good though as along came a girl who said to me, "I think you need some lessons".

I laughed and said, "I am sure I need lessons".

Off I went with Yan, my instructor while Clancy set off on the bigger slopes. Yan was the best teacher, I just couldn't believe how much fun it was.

Why didn't I ever have skiing on my bucket list I am asking myself now.

I am hooked.

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