Winter Festive Season Cook-off

We were invited to a Christmas party but were told to bring a plate and our cooking would be judged like on Master Chef. The thought of my cooking being judged scared the hell out of me but my friend told me it was so much fun so I got my thinking cap on and we decided to go so we could meet some more people.

The theme was

* Winter Festive Season

* Bring Sweet or Savory Finger Food to Feed 20 people

* With a matching drink

I thought I would make my good old chocolate strawberries so I didn't have to worry about heating anything up and I knew they would stay cold in this freezing climate. They are simple, fun and tasty and everyone loves chocolate, right? We teamed the chocolate strawberries with champagne.

When we got to the party our food and matching drink were quickly put away in the kitchen so no one knew who had made what. Once everyone had arrived and mingled for a bit all the plates and drinks were put out and marked with a letter. We were then given a score card and went around the room tasting the food with the drink and got busy scoring from 1 to 5.

Five being WE WANT MORE through to one being WHERE CAN I SPIT THIS OUT.

There were three sections to judge being:

* Appearance

* Creativity

* Taste

Competition was fierce, there was a Gold Cup and bragging rights up for grabs.

I ended up doing very well in the Creativity Section but the overall winner was very well deserved. An englishman made pate that was absolutely delicious and looked like mandarins served on some fancy char grilled bread with mulled wine.

I think special mention should also go to the duck with caramelized onion in filo cases and the gorgeous little asian santa cherry tomatoes.

It was such a good idea for a party and as you can imagine after tasting all the different food with the matching drinks we were all in the festive spirit. There were people there from many different countries which always makes for an interesting night. I was told that if there was a trophy for the strongest Australian accent I would have won it which I don't think is such a good thing but it did mean that everyone wanted to chat to us so they could listen to our aussie accents.

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