Bao zi Class

Yesterday I went along to a Bao zi class with a lovely Australian lady I met a couple of weeks ago at Aussie Drinks.

What's a bao zi I can hear you saying. It is actually a Chinese stuffed bun.

The cooking class was at the Hutong Kitchen and we had been warned it was a little hard to find so off we went armed with a little map. We wandered through the Hutongs and were starting to think we should have dropped bread crumbs along the way when eventually we came across the Hutong Kitchen.

What a quaint little place it is.

Firstly we kneaded our dough and then put it away in a warm room to wait for the yeast to work its magic while we prepared the fillings. This is when I learnt you must only stir one way so as not to confuse your dough.

Next we learnt all about the different soy sauces, where each one originated from and had a little taste of each. Here I was thinking soy sauce was soy sauce. Every day I am learning something new.

For something you can buy on most street corners for about 30cents Australian there are an awful lot of ingredients but the recipe also makes a lot and they can be frozen. I don't like to skite but I must say ours tasted way better than the ones you buy on the street corner so it was worthwhile learning how to make them.

Once our dough had risen it was time to roll it, cut it and then roll out little disks, there was a bit of an art to doing this.

Then for the exciting part of putting the filling into our disks.

I had to call on my sewing skills as we put a spoon full of filling in the centre of the disk then pleat it shut. Oh my goodness talk about feeling uncoordinated for a while there but I got the hang of it in the end. They really were little works of art.

Some we steamed on banana leaves and some we fried and then steamed to finish them off.

We were very proud of our cooking efforts.

It was then time to enjoy our cooking served with a cabbage salad and dipping sauces.

For those of you that love to cook I have added the recipe for you, hope you enjoy as much as we did.

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