I think I am turning French

I have a lovely French neighbour who took me along with her this morning to her French group meeting where I was welcomed with open arms. Well, not open arms exactly but a kiss on each cheek.

I learnt about the activities they get up to like mahjong, hiking, exploring Beijing, practising Chinese, going to the theatre and the list goes on. In a moment of craziness I joined the Club and went home with a magazine about China, written in French of course and a freshly baked baguette, still warm, straight from the oven. The baguette was the nicest thing I have tasted in a while but as I sit here writing this blog entry I am still wondering what I was thinking.

Is it not hard enough already living in China, trying to learn Chinese and now I am adding another language to the mix.

Why didn't I pay more attention in French class in High School instead of sitting there thinking I would love to give the teacher a makeover.

I do think though by the end of this crazy adventure if I can sound half as sexy when I speak as these French women it will all be worthwhile.

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