What a Date!

We have missed a few date nights over the last few months so it was time for an extra special one. Leo was busy with harvest in China and I was back in Australia visiting family and friends when he rang and said, "Meet me in Hong Kong". The tickets were booked so there was no turning back.

Leo was to arrive in Hong Kong three hours before me but his plane was delayed from Jinan so we ended up meeting at the luggage carousel which worked out well.

Those of you that have flown in to Hong Kong know it is pretty spectacular and there is a moment when your tummy flips as you are sure you are flying straight in to the ocean but in the end you land safely on the tarmac.

The first thing I noticed was the clear air and that a lot more people spoke english so that makes life a little easier. We headed straight to our Hotel to make the most of our Club benefits with the free drinks and nibblies from 6pm until 8pm. With the floor to ceiling windows and the breathtaking views what better place to enjoy a drink and catch up on the last three weeks of news.

Friday morning like true tourists we headed up the Peak on the Tram and it was well worth the view from the top.

After a delicious lunch of King Prawn Spring Rolls we took the tram through the streets then hopped off and went walking along Hollywood Road and Cat Street exploring all the Antique shops and stalls. I loved wandering through those streets checking out all the antiques but I was a little overwhelmed by how many wonderful treasures there were and am kicking myself I didn't buy some little thing to bring home as a memento, looks like we will just have to go back again.

Saturday we thought we would try our luck at cleaning up at the Casinos in Macau and caught the ferry over which took an hour. The boat was very comfortable and you were served a meal like you were on a plane. We were greeted by a tourist officer who asked which part of town we would like to go to. Did we want to go to the Casinos or explore the Portuguese town. Leo was eager to get to the Casinos so off we went. (another excuse to go back so we can explore the Portuguese part of town) First stop was The Venetian, it was amazing and so funny to listen to the little Asian man singing "That's Amore" to the people enjoying a gondola ride. With a win in our pocket from the Roulette we set off to enjoy lunch at a lovely Italian Restaurant. French Chardonnay, King Prawn Linguine and Wagyu Risotto, I had totally forgotten I was in China.

Walking down the strip Leo said it was a lot like Vegas and I thought I was seeing things when we came across the Eiffel Tower outside The Parisian. We went up to the top of the tower and checked out the view. It certainly was the best place to see which Casino had the best swimming pool.

Sunday we had lunch at Gordon Ramsay's London House Restaurant. It only serves Pub Fare and Sunday Roast was on the menu so we jumped at that but ended up being a little disappointed. Leo is known to be famous in our family for his Yorkshire Pudding baking skills and Gordon's Yorkshire Pudding was huge and dried out. The meat was average and the baked vegies were nice and crispy but I guess not even Gordon can live up to our Mums' Sunday roasts.

It was then off to Sha Tin so see if we could back a winner or two. When our kids were at boarding school and we would be fretting for them on a Sunday night Leo and I would watch the races at Sha Tin on the computer and have a few bets so we really had to pinch ourselves to be actually there. I was a little apprehensive going to the races in my jeans but fitted right in with the thousands of people there. The course was absolutely beautiful and these Chinese sure do love a punt. Unfortunately our luck wasn't in but it was a fun afternoon out.

Sunday night we went to a Teppanyaki Restaurant and were excited to find fried rice on the menu which is a rare find where we live. The chef cooked it fresh right in front of our eyes so it was a real treat. I never thought I would be saying this but the most delicious thing we ate that night was goose liver with caviar. It was served in an egg shell filled with light fluffy egg custard, goose liver and caviar.

Now that's what I call a date but all too soon it was over and it was farewell to Hong Kong and each other. I flew back to life in Beijing and Leo flew back to Jinan for work.

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