Back to School

After the children had their 7 week summer holiday and I went back to Australia for a few weeks I was busting to get back to school. I sure had missed these gorgeous, eager students.

I am there to help the students with their pronunciation and to help them learn how to have a conversation. I am hoping to have hundreds of Chinese kids walking around with wonderful Aussie accents before I leave this country.

Even though the children can write perfect english most of them have never spoken it out loud so they are very apprehensive at first but once they get over their shyness and have a go they are very keen.

We usually practice introducing ourselves and ask each other questions so everyone gets a turn at having a little conversation and we learn a little about each other and our countries as we go along.

One gorgeous girl introduced herself and then said, "Teacher, do you like cola?"

I said, "Do I like cola?"

She said, "Yes, teacher, do you like cola?"

I said, "No, not really, I like lemonade better."

The class all began to giggle so I called on the Chinese English teacher to help us out. He spoke to the little girl in Chinese and then said to me, "She wants to know do you like cola in the tree."

"Oh, I said, you mean koala!"

Then began the lesson of how to pronounce koala. It took a lot of practice but they got it in the end.

The students usually teach me one new Chinese word each lesson and when i get the pronunciation right they all cheer like crazy so it's great we are helping each other out.

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