Pregnant Ears

We are out at the farm again this week visiting Leo and went in to Qihe last night to a restaurant for dinner to celebrate our friend's birthday. The food was the best we have had in Qihe. The steamed pumpkin was to die for. I guess you know you have been doing it tough when you get excited about steamed pumpkin but even Leo who doesn't like pumpkin raved about it.

MIchael brought his guitar along again so Eloise could play a few tunes. So many of the Chinese people that I have met love music. There are KTV (Karaoke) bars everywhere and they even have Karaoke booths in shopping centres where 2 people can sit in a glass booth and sing their hearts out. After El sang the first tune, one man gushed at her, "I think you are my super star".

Then at the end another man said that a famous Chinese man once said, "if the music is so beautiful my ear get pregnant". He then said now he knows what that man meant as he is sure his ears got pregnant after listening to Eloise.

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