Eloise's Welcome Dinner

We are over the moon to have Eloise visit us here in China for a few weeks and have a long list of things we want to show her and people who are looking forward to meeting her. After a few days in Beijing the kids and I caught the fast train to Jinan to visit Leo on the farm.

After a tour of the farm we went out for dinner at the BBQ Restaurant where we had Clancy's welcome dinner. One of our friends brought along his guitar so Eloise could play a few tunes. Everyone has been so excited to meet Eloise and she has been busy autographing her Guitars and Cigars CDs for her Chinese fans. After dinner it was off to KTV which is a kareoke bar, it is really over the top and you hire a room by the hour and everyone sings their hearts out. It really has to be seen to be believed. The Chinese people just love it.

On the second night our friends said they would like to take us to a more Traditional Chinese Restaurant so to the Hot Pot we went. Clancy quickly got the hang of the cooking.

One side of the pot is mild and the other is very spicy and you cook meats, vegetables and noodles in them. It was another lovely night with friends and family.

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