Simatai Great Wall

After a rainy day Sunday we awoke on Monday morning to clear blue skies which is something different for life in Beijing. Our car and driver were waiting for us at 7am to take us on the 2 hour drive to the Simatai section of the Great Wall.

The Simatai section of the Great Wall has Gubei Water Town at the base of the mountains. Although the town was built for tourists it had character with lots of little shops and restaurants. It wasn't crowded and we wandered through the cobbled pathways before taking the cable car about three quarters of the way up the mountain. From there on it was a steep climb but worth it for the view at the top.

I thought I got my photo taken a lot while in China but it is nothing compared to the amount of people that have taken Eloise's photo. There are the ones that do the sneaky photos and then the ones that grab you like you have been life long friends and put you in their photos. The best one yet though was when Eloise and I were taking a rest surrounded by people with their selfie sticks and we were watching everyone taking photos of themselves and taking great care to get the Great Wall in the background. We then noticed one lady and she wasn't even in the selfie, either was the Great Wall, I thought she must be new to selfie taking but then saw she had the perfect shot of Eloise and I. She was a little embarrassed that we had caught her but very excited when we asked if she would like to be in her photo with us.

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