St. Josephs

When I help the kids at school with their english they always ask me what my favourite festival is to which I reply, "Christmas". They don't celebrate Christmas so they are always so interested to know why and how we celebrate Christmas.

I don't recall how this conversation came up but one day Leo said to one of his workers, "Have you heard of a bloke called Jesus Christ?"

"No", he hadn't heard of him.

Leo said, "Well have you heard of a book called the Bible?"

"Yes, he had but he didn't know what the story was about".

It was at this minute that I thought, we are really outnumbered here and there is no way I am going to find a Catholic Church in this country.

Anyway we found one in the heart of Beijing called St. Josephs so Clancy and I went along to the 7am mass the other morning. There were about 100 people there and the mass was in Chinese of course but it was easy to follow along to. The mass was celebrated by 7 priests so it was pretty special.

The Church was finished being built in 1655 by the Jesuit Missionaries but was destroyed by an earthquake in 1720 and then 90 years later by a fire. The Cathedral that stands now was built in 1904 and is quite beautiful.

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