Grocery Shopping (Part 2)

The apartment was taking the shuttle bus to the Carrefour shop again so off I went. I was determined to buy those coffee mugs, wine glasses and little saucepan that I put back in the sheet section the week before because I couldn't find where to pay for them. I got what I went for, easily found where to pay for them, even used wechat pay for the first time and wondered why I found things so hard the week before.

I was on a roll, now to get the groceries....

In I strolled to the grocery section only to be pulled up by the security guard. He didn't yell at me this week just looked in my bag of shopping and waved me off shaking his head at me. There was no way he was letting me in that grocery shop.

I wondered what to do and then I spotted a long row of lockers so thought maybe I will put my shopping in one of the lockers while I get the groceries so over I went. Of course everything is written in chinese and there was a chinese lady there who couldn't work out how to use the lockers so I had no chance.

I then came up with the idea of putting my shopping back in the shuttle bus and then dashing back in to get my groceries. Out I went to the shuttle bus, which was locked with the driver sound asleep inside. No way was he being woken.

In the end I went back inside and met up with a German lady and a lady from Argentina who came on the bus with me and we had coffee so no groceries again this week.

I think it is going to be an exciting day when I get this pantry stocked.

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