End of the School Year

I was sad to hear today at school that the students are heading in to 2 weeks of exams and then going on 7 weeks summer holidays so school won't resume until September. I managed to help all of the 14 classes of Year 7s with their english at least once so when school goes back I will have a new lot of students as the Year 7s will move up to the next grade.

As usual we had a free question time and one boy asked me, "What is the present of Australia?" I said, "Oh, did you say, present?" and he said, "Yes, present", so I had a quick think about it and answered, "The present of Australia is probably a cute, toy koala". The boy looked at me like I was the weirdest thing and was trying so hard not to laugh as the rest of the class erupted in to fits of giggles. The teacher quickly spoke to him in Chinese and then said, "He means Xi Jinping is China's present, who is Australia's present". "Oh, you mean, President", I said. The teacher blushed and nodded and I went on to explain how we call our President a Prime Minister while I quickly tried to think of his name as all I could think of was this cute little koala standing up representing Australia. So now when you think of our Prime Minister, I guess you could think of him as a present or maybe a cute little koala.

The teachers gave me a party at school and they were all buzzing around with nerves as they said the Principal was coming to the party. They had the blackboard decorated beautifully and a slideshow on a big screen of photos from the english classes. Two of the english teachers gave speeches of thanks to me and the Principal spoke while one of the English teachers interpreted for me. The principal presented me with a beautiful present which is meant to bring me success. Then they said I was to make a speech..... I surprised myself by finding it quite easy to let them know how honored I felt to be welcomed in to the school, how much I had enjoyed helping the students with their english and how much I would miss all the children over the holidays.

The celebrations weren't over yet as the Principal asked if she and the teachers could take my husband and I out for dinner that night. We went to a Hot Pot Restaurant. The table was laden with food and we each had our own little pot of stock bubbling away and we chose what we liked and cooked it up it our pot. It was a lovely night and great to mix with some new people socially.

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