Chinese Mexican

We are just having a quiet weekend home on the farm this weekend. Saturday afternoon our friend suggested we go in to town to have some dinner just to get out for a bit. After having chicken feet for lunch we jumped at the opportunity. We just went to the food court in the shopping centre where we had what they called tacos. It was diced pork cooked in a chinese sauce with shallots in a toasted bun, quite delicious. I can't believe how happy I look in the photo, maybe it is because it is the most normal food we have eaten in the last month apart from our cereal and fruit we have for breakfast each day.

At the end of each meal you are asked if you would like dumplings, noodles or mantoe (steamed bread). It is chinese tradition that each meal is finished with something made from flour so that nobody goes home hungry. We have learnt to save a bit of room for this as it is good manners to choose one and just have a little bit even if you are full. We finished this meal by sharing a noodle dish.

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