Off to the Beach

Our driver dropped us off at the Jinan Train Station which is about an hour's drive from the farm and we caught a train to Qingdao for the weekend. This train only went 200km per hour as opposed to the train that we caught from Beijing to Jinan when we first got here that goes 300 km per hour. The train trip took 2 hours and 40 minutes and along the way we saw green houses as far as the eye could see for miles and miles.

The beachside town of Qingdao has a population of 9 million and is the home of the famous Tsingtao beer. Qingdao was also the host of the 2008 sailing and rowing Olympics. We stayed in a Hotel overlooking the Marina and if it wasn't for the smog you could be excused for thinking you were in Sydney for the weekend, there was even an area called Darling Harbour. We spent Saturday walking along the waterfront where we saw plenty of sights. It must be the time of year for weddings or maybe this was just a normal Saturday but we counted 8 couples getting their wedding photos taken on the rocks near the waterfront. The brides' dresses were all very elaborate and all the grooms wore white suits. As we were walking along we got mobbed by people wanting to get their photo taken with us and then people started lining up so in the end we had to act like we were famous and do the walk away.

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