Dumpling Lessons

We wanted to pay back our friends for the dorm party they invited us to so it was decided we would buy all the ingredients and they would teach us how to make traditional style chinese dumplings. What a fun night it turned out to be and what a feast! We had some very good teachers and the dumplings turned out perfect. We learnt you do not need a million utensils and gadgets like we have at home, all you need are some sharp knives, chop sticks and a little rolling pin. At one stage I thought a wooden spoon would be handy to mix the pork mince and ingredients together but they just handed me 2 chopsticks that you hold together to mix. So girls, get to and chuck out that draw full of utensils that hardly ever get used because there is so much in the drawer that you can't find what you are looking for anyway, instead invest in some chopsticks.

Not only did we make dumplings, pork ones and vegetable ones but we also made noodles with the left over dough and had chicken wings, duck, ribs and chicken cooked in lotus leaf. The chicken cooked in lotus leaf was delicious, it tasted a lot like a smoked chicken. We had so much food leftover which we thought was terrible but they said, "no, no this is very good". It is chinese tradition that when you have a dinner party you must have food leftover and the more food you have leftover the better as this shows you are rich.

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