Date Night in Jinan

Even though we are in China, date night continues. Our driver picked us up and took us to Jinan for the weekend, it is only an hour's drive from the farm and has a population of about 6 million people. We checked in to the Hotel which was real flash and as you can see by the view out the window they are very busy building, building, building. We were told it had a top western restaurant so we were really looking forward to having some "real" food. Roast Lamb was on the menu so we were pretty excited but after taking one bite we weren't able to eat any more and both agreed it wasn't lamb at all but the dog that chased the lamb. Leo behaved himself and didn't complain to the chef - what was the point, he wouldn't have been able to understand him anyway! We had a lovely french white wine which was probably the best wine I have ever tasted and they had an ice-cream bar at the Restaurant so dinner didn't end up so bad after all - French White Wine and ice-cream, what more could you want.

The little waitress got the giggles big time with our accents and our attempts at mandarin so even though the meal wasn't what we expected (I think we will leave the roast lamb for Australia) we still had a fun night, a date night to remember!

China is a funny place, the porters and drivers always race to Leo to take his bags and I would be left trudging along with my bags if it wasn't for Leo then taking mine for me. Each night at the Hotel when we would come back to our room the staff had been in, turned down Leo's side of the bed, placed a mat and slippers on the floor and put the remote control and water on his bedside table. On my side - NOTHING, I'm left to fend for myself. Leo finds this so funny and says he just LOVES this country.

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