Daming Lake, Jinan

We were warned not to go to the sightseeing places on a long weekend but thought we would brave the crowds to check out some of the attractions while in Jinan for the weekend. The Manager at the Hotel kindly organized a driver and interpreter called Alice for us and we set off with the first stop being Daming Lake. It was a beautiful place and it was lovely walking around the lake although the water was very dirty and there were so many old boats. We did think wouldn't these people be blown away if they saw the crystal clear water and flash boats around Keppel. The gardens were beautiful and there was a band playing and also a busker which Leo had a yarn to through our interpreter. Leo was busting to join the band but wasn't quite game enough to use any of their mouth pieces and then we got a surprise to see the music as we thought music was a universal language but it was different to what we know.

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