More House Hunting

The third apartment they took us to was on the 2nd floor of this building and they thought we would like it as it had 3 bedrooms but it was still so tiny that we appeared to be giants. It was modern enough inside but just didn't have a nice feel about it plus there was no drain in the shower - just a bucket! Leo was pretty quick to tell them that this isn't acceptable, we can't stand in a bucket to shower, the shower actually has to have a drain in the floor. "Oh, you do not like this?" they said to us as if we were very very strange indeed.

This next one was the best we have seen so far and we have been back to look at it a second time. It is on the second floor of this new building and looks out to a little bit of greenery. It is 2 bedroom but has an extra room that they called a reading room so it is much bigger than all the other units we have looked at. The owner is willing to put in a shower cubicle, air conditioning and a washing machine if we are to rent it. We are still deciding though as we have been told it would be very noisy living there with all the building going on. As you can see Leo is already best mates with the security guard so maybe it wouldn't be a bad place to live.

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