The house hunting begins....

I was quite excited to go house hunting as the interpreter or TA (Technical Assistant) as they call them said she had been very busy looking for apartments for us and had narrowed it down to 4 good ones. They all seem to have a big entrance with a boom gate and security guards so I guess that makes you feel a little safe.

Walking in to the first unit which was on the second floor, things looked like they were going to be ok but on entering we found a tiny 2 bedroom unit which had never been cleaned, EVER, it had empty bottles and things all over the floor and a very high mountain of cigarette butts in the ashtray AND a woman in bed! I said to the TA, "Oh, is that a woman in bed?" and she said, "Yes, she will be leaving soon" like it was normal for a woman to be in bed while people were inspecting your apartment. Anyway as you know Leo doesn't worry too much about hurting people's feelings and said to the TA that he hoped that was the worst she had to show us and that they would get much better and she just laughed!

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