Spot the Aussies at the train station.

A driver from the company picked us up Sunday morning from our Hotel and drove us to the train station where he handed us over to a porter to take our bags and make sure we got on the right train. The driver and porter haggled for a while about the price but agreed on 100rmb which is about 20 bucks. $20 well spent I would say as you can just relax knowing that you are getting on the right train as it is pretty daunting with so many people and hardly any english in sight. Our little porter made it all seem very easy though and somehow with ease wheeled our 4 suitcases and carried our extra port as well. The train station is a bit like the airport as you and your bags have to be scanned before you are let through. The porter was such a good little fellow and came on to the train with us showing us to our seats and then waited outside until we departed.

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