The house hunting continues...

The second apartment we were taken to was on the 16th floor and brand new, the finishing touches were yet to be done and no one had lived in it yet so they were sure we would love it. It will sound like we are spoilt but the view wasn't the best and we just weren't sure if we liked the disco lights in the ceiling and the fancy chandeliers weren't really our style. When we said that they said, "but they have top quality appliances in the kitchen" so in to the kitchen we went - as you can see by the photo I am like a giant!! Then Leo went in to the bathroom and it was so tiny he nearly got stuck in there. Leo said, "You couldn't swing a bloody cat in there" and the interpreter said, "Huh, you want a cat?" I said, "no, no, no, it's ok we don't want a cat" I thought next they will be coming with a cat for us as everything we ask for they quickly bring to us. On the first day we asked if there was any drinking water and they quickly brought a whole carton full of water, we said we didn't bring any bath towels and next thing new towels, new tooth brushes, soaps and moisturizers appear in our room. Anyway we decided against this apartment much to the owners' bewilderment.

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