We made it to Beijing!

Well, we made it to Beijing with no problems, flying straight through from Sydney this time on Qantas. Last time we flew with China Southern and I think they have a little more leg room but the seats aren't quite as soft. Qantas give you Weis Bars and Lindt chocolate so I'm not sure which is better, the more leg room with China Southern or do you go for the Weis Bar and Lindt chocolate? It is an 11 hour flight from Sydney which is long enough but you don't get any jet lag as the time difference is only 2 hours.

We had 2 nights in Beijing and spent our time exploring the area around our Hotel by foot. You can see the view from our Hotel in Beijing, apartments as far as the eye can see. They don't seem to do anything by halves in China, they don't just build a block of units but a whole street full.

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